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We are available for network infrastructure, Windows Server and Workstation support.  If you have an office and require technical support, we can help on most hardware or software issues.

Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  We will take the time to fix it right the first time.

We want your business, and to prove it we are offering this support to anyone who needs it.  We have a web based Help Desk system that will log your request and forward it to one of our technicians. Just fill out the Help Desk form with detailed information or send an email to the address below and we will respond as soon as possible.

We have partnered with www.zolved.com and www.teamviewer.com to offer our customers remote technical support.  No more waiting for us to come onsite for software or hardware issues.  If you are having problems with your computer, do not hesitate to call our office.  Over the internet we will be able to connect to your computer and fix it.  When instructed, just click on the 411tech.org sign below and watch us fix your computer.

After clicking on the 411tech.org sign above and running the application, you will be presented with an eight digit code and a password.  The software is unloaded after use and the password changes every time you run the application so we can never gain access without your express knowledge and permission.  Just give our technician the code and password when requested and we will fix your problem!  Give us a try.

Of course if your internet is not functioning properly we will not be able to connect to you and an onsite call is required.


Information Technology is proud to offer our customers a fast and easy way to have remote presentations.  Just by clicking one of the links below, you will be connected to my Presentation Server where I can explain and show you step by step instructions on many different problems you might be having.  Email or Call so we can schedule an appointment.

There are many ways we can connect.  Below are Links to the Presentation Software.  Depending on which site you will connect to, your technician will tell you which icon to click on:

411 Tech Office   Edison Office  

411Tech Office                Edison, NJ            Laptop Access

Helpdesk - FREE!

Information Technology, LLC is ready to help you with your technical support issues.  We have just instituted a web based helpdesk where our current and future clients can send helpdesk requests right from the web.

Just point your browser to:


Enter your email address and your question.  One of our support representatives will send the answer back by email. Give it a try.


Technician Area:

The links below are for our tech support staff.  Our staff is available for your convenience, not ours.  When one of our technicians are on call, they have the ability to connect to the internet with wireless air cards.  If they need access to the viewer applications we use, they can access them over the web on our downloads page, or right here.


Radmin 3.4 Viewer                        Zolved RC Viewer




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